From Student to Adult

Dear Graduate, 

As your Montgomery County Clerk of Courts, it is with great pride that I wish you congratulations on your successful and impressive graduation from high school. The hard work and dedication that you showed for the past four years truly made a difference in a way that will help prepare you for the rest of your life. Congratulations on a job well done. You have achieved something uniquely marvelous. You are graduating! You have risen above and you have succeeded. I hope the information from our office will be helpful as you start your life as an adult. Should you, your friends, or family ever need assistance from our office, our Help Center is ready and willing to be at your service. On behalf of everyone at the Clerk of Courts offices, I wish you heartfelt congratulations on your upcoming graduation from high school. May your life be known by your successes, both past and yet to come. 

With all the best, 

Mike Foley